Why Do We Quit So Easily?


It doesn’t matter what the change is, Earning more money. Saving money. Eating right. Whatever the goal or task may be. We crumble. We bitch. We whine. We crumble some more.

Today, I examine why…

The best advice is to power through that whining, bitching, grumpy period and break through to the other side. But why do we have to?  Why can’t we decide on a new path – and take it? Why can’t our brains just think of a new activity and do it?

I want to start working out. There. Done. I want to stop eating junk food. There. Done.

Anthony Robbins says we have to link massive pain to the old pattern and massive pleasure to the new pattern. But why? Why do we have to do any of that?  Why do we find ourselves on these paths of destruction. Why does it seem that life is automatically set up to get us eating badly, spending money everywhere, not working out, partying too much?

Is that how we are hardwired? But why?

I know I am asking a lot of questions in this post. Questions I don’t have the answer to. But they are important. And sometimes just asking them is enough to get the ball rolling.  Why can’t we just change when we want to change?

This week I started riding my bike to work as a sort of challenge I’ve set for myself for the next month.

About 6 months ago I finished my first round of P90X and got my body into the best shape of my life. In the past 6 months I’ve maintained a lot of the excellent eating habits and working out habits, but I’ve slipped a little on cardio. Hence, the reason for the challenge.

The thing of it is, this first week has been grueling! And it has taken everything I’ve got not to quit – or slide back.

A couple other people are also on this challenge with me and they, too, are feeling the pain. But my question is, why?  It’s not really physical. Although that is a part of it. The largest component seems to be mental.

I just don’t want to do it. But why? Are human beings inherently lazy? Do we just want to lay around all day and eat bad food and drink bad drinks and get large?  Are we just a bunch of upright walking sea lions? Creatures of habit? Who do the same thing day in and day out without recognizing it? I’m beginning to think so.

So if that’s the case, the goal would be to switch out your bad habits for good ones. Habits like eating right, exercising, focusing on your money, earning more money, saving more money. Mindfulness.

Then, once your new habits are set, instead of automatically eating bad food you will automatically eat good food. Instead of spending all of your money, you will save all of your money. Instead of sitting around you will move.


So why is change so hard? Because we are up agaist YEARS and YEARS of conditioning and training and molding. To break through that pattern is (apparently) not easy. Or maybe it is.

Maybe it’s just as easy as changing your mind. Deciding. And then following through.

Why not decide today to:

1. Eat healthy food (and find out what that means)
2. Exercise 3 times a week minimum for 30 minutes minimum.
3. Save more money than you spend
4. Look to earn more money than you currently do

Why not?

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