What Would You Do With $350,000,000.00?

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Sit down.  Pull out your check book.  And write yourself a check.  For $350,000,000.00.

That’s three hundred and fifty million dollars.

That’s a lot of money.

Now, imagine that this check is real — and that you could walk into your bank today — and deposit it.  Imagine how it would feel.  Imagine your state of being as you did it.  Imagine how awesome it would feel.

Now write out a list of 5-10 things you would do with this money.  Without thinking about it too much.

Here is my list:

  1. Quit my job (like right away)
  2. Pay off my girlfriend’s debt (I am currently out of debt — woooohoooooo!)
  3. Give life changing money to my girlfriend’s mom, my dad and my sister
  4. Take a really long, LONG vacation to Hawaii.
  5. Buy a house at the beach
  6. Buy a new car
  7. Set up an awesome home office


That sounds pretty awesome and exciting.

Now — once you have your list — and you have you have it written down — I want you to ask yourself:

What would I do AFTER I’ve done all of the things on my list?  How would I live my life?  What would I do?  What would my days be like?

To me the answers to those questions are more important than the spending spree you would go on if you had a lot of money.

To me, the real question is:

Who would I be if money weren’t an issue?  What would I do with my time?  

With that in mind, list 5-10 MORE things you would do AFTER your spending spree if you had all of the money in the world…

  1. I’d wrote more screenplays
  2. I’d think of new blogs on any crazy topic I wanted
  3. I’d spend more time with friends just “hanging out”
  4. I’d go to museums and just look at art
  5. I’d start a production company and make films I love
  6. I’d publish my poetry and write lots more of it
  7. I’d volunteer my time to help those in need
  8. I’d exercise — a lot

Do you see?  I think these are my real dreams!  These are the real gems of our souls.  Not the Porsche I’d buy after I’d gotten a ton of money…

It’s about what we’d do.  It’s about who we are.  Deep inside.

That’s where the real life is.

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