What Are Your Best Traits?


I don’t know about you, but I used to spend a lot of time focusing on the very worst parts of myself. And as a result I usually felt my worst.

  • I was 10 pounds overweight
  • I made a fool of myself asking that woman to dance
  • My nose is too big
  • I don’t make enough money
  • I don’t get enough visitors to my blog

The list could practically go on forever. And ever. And ever.

Do you have any experience with this? it’s as if we all feel more comfortable looking at the worst sides of ourself.

Or maybe we think that by focusing on these bad parts we might be able to fix them. instead, I think the opposite os more than likely to happen. We focus on these negative traits and we give them energy and power.

And they grow. So the opposite of what we want to happen, happens.

Instead, why not focus on the very best parts of yourself? Today, instead of hammering away on your mistakes and your shortcomings, why not take out a piece of paper and list your BEST qualities.

  • I’m funny
  • I’m kind
  • I’m creative
  • I’m intelligent
  • I care about others
  • I’m a great dresser

See, this list could also go on and on and on. And which list do you think makes me feel better? Now you go.

What are some of your very best qualities?

Don’t be shy. Feel free to list any and all of them. No matter how small you think it is. And keep doing this every day for a month and check out how you feel at the end of it.

I think most people are waiting for others to tell them they’re great, or they did a good job, or they’re good people.

You don’t need to do that. You can tell yourself, starting today.

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