I’m not going to lie — step 3 seems like the mother of all steps.

Because, let’s face it, if “getting there” were easy, everyone would be “getting there”.

And obviously, as my whole entire blog is about me achieving Step 3, then it should be clear that I haven’t gotten their yet, either!

From my perspective, it’s going to take tenacity, guts, drive, imagination, belief, courage and passion to achieve this step.

Do I think you have it in you?  Do I think I have it in me?

Heck YES I do!

Because we are both amazing people.  We are both unique.  And we both posses amazing talents that simply need to be awakened.

And once we attach passion and belief to those talents?

Watch out!

Anything is possible.

So while you are on your journey, check out my blog.  That’s where I’ll be detailing my journey — and any insights I have along the way.

It’s where I will be living out my Step 3.  It’s where I will be figuring out a way to get there.

I’ll talk about the books I’m reading, the things I’m trying, the people I’m meeting and the work I’m doing.

So good luck — to you and me!   Stay in touch.  Share with me what you are trying, how it’s working for you, and what you’re learning.

And I’ll see you when you/we get there!