Some Days The Cracks are Canyon Sized


Isn’t this the way life goes?  Some days you feel awesome, amazing, impenetrable.  You feel like you can accomplish any goal and you attack them with zest.

And then come the days filled with canyon sized cracks between where/who you are and where/who you want to be.

On those days I don’t seem to know much about myself.  I don’t feel like I know what I want.  I want 85 different things.  I just want to not feel bad.  Which doesn’t feel like much of a goal.

In truth I want only a few things.  But sometimes we can want things too much.

You know?

Today I want to work for myself.  Make money for myself.  Live on my own time clock. Be free from punching in, and punching out.  A great distance away from the —

“Can I have a moment with you’s…”

That seems pretty far away sometimes, doesn’t it?

But it’s important to stay focused.  And it’s important to remember what you/we want.  And it’s important to remember your/our value.  (So you/we can share that with others).

Doing something day in and day out to pay the bills can get pretty disheartening.   But we are stronger than that.  We are smarter.  We have much, much, much more to offer.

And we can start offering it…NOW.

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