How to Have a Slightly Better Life – Today!

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If you’re anything like me you are a black and white, all or nothing thinker.

You’re either great, or you’re horrible.  You’re the best or the worst.  You’re either skinny or you’re fat.


There is no in between.

But is that really how life works?


Are there really only tall or short people?  Good or bad people?  Happy or sad people?

No, there are a million variations and shades of personalities.  There are all sizes and shapes or everything.

Trees.  Flowers.  People.  Cars.


So why do we lock ourselves into all or nothing thinking?

Are we trying to remain stuck?

It was actually my girlfriend who showed me the error of my all or nothing ways.

I used to get stuck in situations that called for action all the time.  I would see black or white, high or low, in or out.  And I only ever had 2 choices.

Whenever I asked her for advice she would gently remind me that the middle road was also a choice.  That I could combine both choices and create a third possibility.

Needless to say, this new way of thinking changed my life permanently.

Which brings me to the central question of this blog post:

Looking at your life, what are a couple SMALL changes that you could make today that could SLIGHTLY enhance your life?

Not grand, sweeping changes.

Not how could you change your life forever — right now!

But what are a few SMALL changes you could make TODAY?

Here are a few areas to consider:

  1. Your finances
  2. Your diet
  3. Your work
  4. Your hobbies
  5. Your dreams

What are a few small things you could do?

What is 1 small thing you could do?

For instance, for many years I had tried to get my body into the type of shape I knew I was capable of getting it into.  Athletic.  Muscular.  Healthy.

But I failed miserably.


Because I had a junk food diet that undermined any workouts I would do.

Seriously, I ate McDonald’s for breakfast, Jack in the Box for Lunch, Burger King for dinner.  Potato chips were my snack of choice.  Soda was my drink.

Living this way, I ballooned to 40 lbs overweight.

And every time I went on a diet I found it impossible and painful.

Finally, I decided I was being too hard on myself and asked myself:

What are 3 foods I could remove from my diet that would help me feel better about myself?

I decided I could safely cut out french fries, candy and pizza.

For a month.

Small changes for a short amount of time.

By allowing myself to continue eating burgers and hot dogs and anything else, I didn’t feel the changes so much.  They wern’t drastic and they weren’t uncomfortable.

And 2 years later, after those changes snowballed, I hit my target weight and no longer live off junk food!

That’s what I’m talking about.

What are a couple small changes that you can make, for a short amount of time, that won’t make you feel uncomfortable, but WILL make you feel good about yourself?

As I am working on changing my finances, or increasing my income, I should think of a couple small changes I can make in this area.

When I hit on what they might be, I’ll come back and post an update.

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