The Name of the Game is Change


Change. The dictionary defines it as “To make or become different”. And it’s a topic I’ve been studying my whole life.

And from what I see around me a lot of people want to change.

  • They want to lose weight
  • They want to save money
  • They want to be more confidant

Well, all of those things entail some form of change — don’t they?  If you want to lose weight — you want to change — from a heavier person into a lighter person.

If you want to “save money” you want to change from someone who doesn’t value money into someone who does.

You get the picture.

But why is change so difficult?  Why does it take so long?  Why do so many people fail to change?  Why do I fail to change?  Why can’t I change when I want to?  What does it mean to feel stuck?

I’ve been asking myself these questions for a long time now.  And it’s those questions I will attempt to answer with

So stick around.  Feel free to join in the convo with your own personal experiences.  And let’s all become those awesome human beings we REALLY want to be.

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