Accentuate The Negatives

this night

Someone once said, the things that others tell you to stop doing — are the things you should probably do more of.

I’m talking about personality traits here.

Not crack

If you are doing crack cocaine, and someone tells you to stop — I would probably listen to them.

Too many people like to blend in.  Be like everyone else.  They like to say things like:

You’re too loud.  Don’t dress like a crazy person.  You should get a real job.  

But I don’t know.  I’ve spent a lot of time listening to those people.  I have heard:

You’re too crazy.  You’re too much of a spazz.  You’re too loud.

I’ve always listened to them.  And I’ve always felt crazy because of it.  I’m pretty sure that psychology 101 states that people usually react to repressed parts of themselves.  Parts they’ve given up.

I believe it.  Not many people are loud and crazy and spastic.

So I’m going to be that to the 10th power.

From now on.

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